LibInsult is a framework to generate insults programmatically.

If you ever feel annoyed by someone or something, this is the perfect solution to express your emotions in our current technological society.

Example insult:

You are as sorry as a dirty annoying decaying buttload of anal terrifying slug pus

Insulting pages

A s part of the Web API described below, there is this HTML page, which displays an insult and nothing else.

You can find more information on how to customize it on the API help page


A RESTful API is provided at this endpoint.

It can generate responses in HTML, JSON, and plain text.

Language Bindings

If you want to use the LibInsult framework directly in your application, without using the Web-based API, you can use the bindings listed here.

They all can use of the LibInsult Data repository to generate insults. Or you can also populate the framework with your own data.

List of available bindings:

Python A Python framework to generate insults.
Django A Django app using the Python bindings to provide template tags and views to serve the API.


Source Code


Issue Tracker

Issues can be added at the issue tracker on GitLab.